Hello! i'm your Instructor- Brenda Wyatt

Hi I'm Brenda Wyatt

After 30 + years in Retail and working with Visual Stylists, writing an award winning blog, Camellia's Cottage and being selected as one of the Emerging Writers for my state in 2019. In 2020, my focus shifted, I was concerned about creatives and small businesses, I hoped to share some of the tips and techniques I learned from owning my own shop, doing trunk shows, popup shops and launching new products, being a personal fashion wardrober- even working in an upscale garden and gift shop. Thus, the idea for Beginner's Guide to Visual Marketing was born. I'm thrilled you're here! Whether you're a Dreamer, a Beginner in Small Business- product or service based- even if you have lots of experience yet feel the need to uplevel your current business- this is the place for you! 

The Basics You Need for  Beautiful Visual  Marketing. 

'Visual Marketing is a necessity in today's world of marketing. You must have beautiful images and well written content to stand out. Whether you're a beginner or just need to uplevel your marketing skills, this course will walk you through it and you'll have fun too!' Brenda Wyatt

Welcome to my blog! Camellia's Cottage continues to bring inspiration resources to my audience- since 2016, I've been enjoying writing new content and there's lots in there for folks who want to find copy writing and more! And I'm adding free content regularly on my Instagram account @brendawyatt_

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'Be Unforgettable- Beginner's Guide to Visual Marketing is loaded with information! Color Mapping for you is a fun way to find values you hope to share. My 9 Principles of Design and my favorite Props, Materials and Images are an invaluable resource drawn from my years of working with Visual Display artists. Apps I use, tools to help you save time and 15 Writing Lessons! And there's the ever important Marketing 101 using time tested marketing methods, that don't feel icky or salesy.'  Brenda Wyatt

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What Folks are Saying about Brenda Wyatt

  • 'You. Are. Amazing. I like the way you explain the principles of design...It's pure genuis.'         Gail 
  • 'You inspire me and empower other women. You are a wonderful friend and role model. I so value your experienced advice on color and retail and your encouragement to open my new shop! You've helped more than you know!'              Sabrina
  • 'As ever, such helpful and interesting insights. Such inspiring words. I'm taking action on my dreams, one tiny step at a time...How inspiring for your clients to get clarity on taking steps towards their big ideas and dreams!          Suzanne 
  • 'I saved $120 just changing to one free app you suggested!' Kerry
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