Hello! i'm your Instructor- Brenda Wyatt

 The Basics of Visual Marketing all in one place!

Here's what's included:

  • Personalized Color Mapping
  • My 9 Principles of Design for Styling
  • My Favorite Props, Materials and Images
  • How to Confidently Write Content
  • Marketing 101
  • 50+ Page Downloadable Workbook
  • Bonus Trainings and More!
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'Whether you're a Beginner or need to update your skills- this course is for you! Even if you're still dreaming- you can learn to Be Unforgettable with Visual Marketing.' Brenda Wyatt


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What Folks are Saying about Brenda Wyatt

  • 'You. Are. Amazing. I like the way you explain the principles of design...It's pure genuis.'         Gail 
  • 'You inspire me and empower other women. You are a wonderful friend and role model. I so value your experienced advice on color and retail and your encouragement to open my new shop! You've helped more than you know!'              Sabrina
  • 'As ever, such helpful and interesting insights. Such inspiring words. I'm taking action on my dreams, one tiny step at a time...How inspiring for your clients to get clarity on taking steps towards their big ideas and dreams!          Suzanne 
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 Feel like you're drowning in a Sea of Content Creation?  

In 7 Segments, you'll learn, what you need to start 'a create it once and use it across all sites' mindset.

  • You'll learn in Segment 1, the Impact of Visual Marketing through the amazing statistics and by using the free versions of apps, which I personally use to create and plan Content. These will help you save time!
  • In Segment 2- Personalized Color Mapping-You'll find that Color starts telling the story before you write a word.
  • Then, learn how the 9 Principles of Design for Styling will help your social media sites look like a beautiful 'Virtual Storefront.' You'll Be Unforgettable- really.
  • In Segment 3, you'll see what a difference creating a beautiful well-planned site or grid will make in the influence you have and save time doing it!  As you let your customers and clients see what your business is all about!
  • When things look nice, you'll feel great about what you're doing and why! (By the end of the course, your marketing efforts will increase when your sites are well planned and beautiful.)
  • That's just a few reasons why doing Visual Marketing right is So Important.  



Most folks don't like Marketing, I get it.

  • With Segment 6- Marketing 101 is for those who really don't like selling! When you learn time tested methods-You won't feel salesy or icky promoting your business or products.
  • You'll love Curb Appeal for your Sites and find out what the Little Black Dress of Marketing is!
  • Also, lots of Pearls of Wisdom. Bonus Trainings are included throughout the Course! 
  • There's a 50 plus page- downloadable Workbook included. 
  • In Segment 7, you'll learn how to Be Unforgettable for a Lifetime!
  • And, you'll have Lifetime Access so you can maintain your skills, as the course is updated. 
  •  Be Unforgettable is really 5 Mini Courses in one! 
  • With Visual Marketing your viewers will be over 300% more likely to make a decision or purchase than with traditional or salesy marketing! That's the Real Power of Visual Marketing!

Not sure how to Create, Choose and use Images?

Or know the difference between Product Shots and Social Media displays?

Don't Enjoy Writing Content? I get that too. 

  • With Segment 4- you'll learn how to choose, use, style and create images you can be proud of from product pages to social media posts.
  • Your customers will see how Unforgettable you are! Learn what types of images draw folks in so they will discover your products and services.
  • With Segment 5- Writing Content with Confidence, you'll learn easy writing methods and techniques, with more than a dozen Writing Lessons. Pro Tips are included to write copy confidently! You'll use these over and over. And, you'll find your viewers love these methods too!
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